Lankershim's Time

Isaac Lankershim was born in Bavaria. He and his brother James B. came to California in 1848. They came over the mountains to San Francisco and built up a very successful wheat and wool business.

Isaac and his brother James B. Lankershim bought the Rancho El Cajon from the Pedrorena family in 1868. They bought this land to divide and sell and make money. They also bought and sold the land around North Hollywood.

The Rancho El Cajon boundary started at Grossmont and Mt. Helix on the west; it went as far east as Flynn Springs; it went as far south as the Sweetwater River and the Jamacha Rancho; and its northern boundary was the San Diego River. It took in places we now call Calavo Gardens, Fletcher Hills, Fanita Ranch, Lakeside, Bostonia, Santee, Johnstown and Glenview.

The Lankershims hired Mr. Levi Chase as a lawyer to do their legal work in dividing up the land to sell. Soon after they bought the land they gave the southern section to Mr. Chase in payment for his work. This was called Chase Ranch. The northern section was sold to a group of men from Boston and called Bostonia. The center was called the Lankershm Ranch. It was sold as small ranches to other buyers.

Mr. Knox was hired by Lankershim to raise wheat in El Cajon Valley for them.

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