El Cajon History

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  Brief History of El Cajon by Rick  Hall

  The Abbreviated March of Camp Grossmont by Mike  Kaszuba

Articles by G. Carroll Rice, 2010-2014

Airplanes Over El Cajon

El Cajon Boy Scout Troop 46

The Lively Arts in El Cajon, 1892 - 1952

El Cajon's Crown Jewel:  The Corona Hotel 1886 - 1920

Major Levi Chase, El Cajon's First Booster

From Exploration to Rancho

Food From The Earth: El Cajon Valley's Abundance

The Spotlighters: El Cajon's
Home-Grown Theatre

Knox's Corners Map

Manuscripts of Hazel Sperry, Historian, 1968

A Brief History of Knox's El Cajon Hotel

The Corners - El Cajon's First Shopping Center
The Story of the Early Development of Main Street

The History of the Centennial Ranch and Castle Rock Ranch

A Brief History of the Boston Ranch and Early Bostonia 

The Story of Major Levi Chase and the Chase Ranch, "Cajon Villa"

The Story of the D.G. Gordon Family and Ranch in Early Bostonia

El Cajon Postal History:  1878 - 1971

History of the El Cajon Cemetery, Monument Hill,and Flinn Springs Cemetery

A Brief History of the Schools of the El Cajon Valley

The Asher-Vacher Story

The Story of the Uri Hill Family in Early El Cajon

Frank Patterson, Freelance Photographer

Historical Data on the City of El Cajon

They lined streets before Ma Goose, Nov. 1983

A.L. Knox Cited as First Business Man in Present Location of City

A Slice of History:  El Cajon Valley Grew From $500 Debt Payment, by Del Hood, 1981

Historical Society Urged in El Cajon, 1973

Donations Furnish Restored Hotel, 1973

97 Years of the El Cajon Woman's Club

Articles by Chloris Scott, 1960s, 1980s

 A Look Back/The Knox Hotel was the hub of the El Cajon Valley

California Compromise Postponed Civil War, Sept. 1968

Birthday Celebrations Today Nostalgic, Sept. 1968

Our Valley:  'You've come a long way' , May 1981

A Look Back/How streets were named, April 1982

A Look Back/W.D. Hall brought much to El Cajon, July 1982

A Look Back/Eucalyptus trees rooted in county history, Aug. 1982

A Look Back/Schools have come a long way, Sept. 1982

A Look Back/How El Cajon was incorporated, Oct. 1982

A Look Back/Visiting historic landmarks, Nov. 1982

A Look Back/Family home once had 12 Halls, Dec. 1982

A Look Back/El Cajon could have been a 'Hollywood', Jan. 1983

They lined streets before Ma Goose, Nov. 1983

More Articles

Union and East County Go Way Back -- to 1886 by Virginia I. Spiller, 1992

History of Our Area Comes to Life Again by Eldonna Lay, 2007

The Birdseyes - First Family of Grossmont Excerpt from book by Hubert Guy


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