Research access is available by special appointment with the ECHS Archivist only.
Research performed by a Museum volunteer is $38/hour.  

Documentary Artifacts
The Document Archives contain a collection of material related to El Cajon Valley history including books,  maps, document collections, newspapers, biological and subject files, oral history interviews, and ephemera.
Most of this material is only available by visiting the Museum. However, some articles of historical significance are  listed on this website's History page.

In 2012, we were approved for $3,000 of a Community Enhancement Grant from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to assist  with maintenance of windows by having UV film applied for sun protection of contents.  The City of El Cajon approved sanding and  repainting of windows with possible interior painting of rooms.

Over 200 books are in the Library Collection, many reference books related to the history of El Cajon Valley, and surrounding areas, with many written by local authors.  Some books in our collection are older, fiction novels popular in another era. Two old dictionaries - one from 1864, and the Knox Family Bible.

Files on persons of note in the community-past and present, records from social organizations, i.e., El Cajon  Womans Club, personal papers, diaries, and letters, such as the Amaziah Knox family, Asher/Vacher families,  Robert Asher, as well as clippings of local news and obituaries.

Collection of historical area maps:
- Rancho map 1844;
- Texas, Oregon, California 1846;
- Survey of 1858;
- Handpainted California map 1860 (shown);
- Plat of Rancho El Cajon 1872;
- Partition map of Rancho El Cajon 1874;
- El Cajon and Subdivision maps 1886;
- County map of California 1860;
- El Cajon Heights 1889;
- Early 1900s topographical maps;
- Subdivision, showing Knoxville 1911;
- Downtown El Cajon 1918;
and other maps from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and into 1990s. 

Collection includes bound newspapers beginning in 1892 through 1975 kept in storage. There is an older newspaper index.  
PDF images currently available for research:
- Once A Week:  1899 
- San Diego Advertiser:  1898 
- Semi Tropic Culturist:  1898 
- Heartland:  1950-51 
- El Cajon Valley News:  1892 - 1931
     (missing years 1895-98, 1900-08, 1912-13, 1917-18, & 1947-48) 
(Imaging courtesy of CARMEL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.)

Not yet imaged:
- El Cajon Valley News:  1962-1964  
- Daily Californian:  May 1965-December 1974 
- El Cajon Californian:  1975 

We do not have any newspapers newer than 1975.

Interviews with local people, recorded on CDs and cassette tapes.

 Historical photos are on file in categories of Activities, Buildings, Events, Government, Locations, People, etc. 
 - One-time personal/non-profit use is $20 per image 
 - One-time commercial use is $100 per image 

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Older Newsletters and those marked (Not Available) are on File in the Museum

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Current Publications
Available for purchase at the Knox House Museum
- Valley of Opportunity - El Cajon's History   by Eldonna P. Lay     Cost: $20.00
- Son of the South Come West: El Cajon's First 'Mayor'   by James Harris Graves     Cost: $11.50
- Josephine: Of San Diego's Old and New Towns   by Eldonna P. Lay     Cost: $3.00
Written from the personal notes of Josephine Asher Vacher, and interviews with her son, Eugene de Bac Vacher.
- Pioneer Teacher: Josie Grows Up   by Eldonna P. Lay     Cost: $3.00
Written from the personal notes of Josephine Asher Vacher, and interviews with her son, Eugene de Bac Vacher.
- The Boy Who Loved Music   by Eugene de Bac Vacher     Cost: $3.00
- Summers at the Paul Ranch   by George Paul     Cost: $3.00
- The Ancestral   by Carol Clark Cunningham     Cost: $12.00
- Graves and Harris   by James Harris Graves     Cost: $7.00
- Bus and Auto Tour   by Jim Walters     Cost: $5.00


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